Rosey Life Podcast #4 ~ Interview With David Solomon

Rosey Life Podcast #4

Interview With David Solomon

This is an interview with David Solomon on how he went from down and out to manifesting the life he dreamt of! Now @DavidPowerTalk inspires and motivates thousands across the country to create a life they dream of!

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The Rosey Life Podcast

Why I Love What I Do

A Good Therapist Makes A Big Difference

A good therapist makes a difference but an experienced therapist turned into a manifesting and love coach gets you to the finish line! I LOVE the topic of relationships, love and manifesting because I have learned that Love is always the answer to it all!  The powerhouse of energy that flows through us all is Love. I witness the transformation in my clients from feeling unhappy into being empowered and ready for their dream relationship quick! Are you ready?

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