Manifesting Coaching

Manifesting Coaching

Learning about the Law

If you are new to learning about manifesting the amount of information available can seem a bit overwhelming at first, I know it was for me!  However, you have been manifesting your whole life already without even knowing.

When you discover the power you have within you to deliberately manifest, you begin to see that nothing is impossible!  This is where life begins to be more fun then you could have ever imagined!

Learning to allow this new awareness fold in naturally to who you are today is easier then forcing, willing, affirming or using so many techniques or tricks out there to “try” and manifest.  This usually leads to frustration, feeling like you can’t get it right or that it is not “meant to be” which are all not true!

My Manifesting Journey…

When I first learned about manifesting, I began my journey studying the law, every technique you can think of, paid hundreds of dollars for coaching, changed my diet, worked on my energy, vibration, tried psychic readings, looked for signs and angel numbers, went to conferences and binged every YouTuber and read more books then I can count now! Phew! Exhausting!

I’m so happy and grateful I went through my journey, but the biggest most beautiful lesson in it all…was that all of that “effort” was not necessary.  I always had, always will and have the power within me to manifest anything.  I just did not know it, could not see it or feel it because I clouded myself up with an abundance of information.  (hint: there is only abundance).

I studied with multiple manifesting and law of attraction teachers new and old but something inside me kept pulling me back to the teachings of Neville Goddard.  I follow his teachings mostly for clarity but even so I know that even Neville Goddard had his preferred ways of manifesting that worked for him.  I gave myself permission to realize that I did not have to follow even his teachings if I did not want to in order to manifest.  I know now that I AM whole and complete, perfect the way I am.  There is nothing to prove, nothing to earn or nothing to do, besides being myself as is and receiving all my desires that I select.

Not all techniques are for everyone nor should they be.  After all we each are unique and perfect in our own way.  Knowing what works for you naturally is key.  YOU are the master of your universe so YOU create all the manifesting rules/techniques that YOU want to experience.

I learned manifesting is really easy and effortless.  It really is as easy as breathing or I like to say easier then eating my favorite chocolate bar!

I used to believe that manifestations took time, you have to “wait” and different circumstances dictated how long it would take for things to manifest in my 3D…but then I realized I was creating those beliefs for myself and it was up to me to change them instantly.  Once I did this, I began manifesting effortlessly and it became so much fun! Now I just giggle at how easy it is to have all my desires appear when I want them.

You, me, we all have the powerful within us to manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and experience the life of our dreams!

Things I have manifested so far!

  • Doubled my income multiple times
  • Free vacations airfare and 5 star hotels
  • Homes
  • Cars
  • Free gifts
  • Specific People
  • Health
  • Things I have manifested for others: health, jobs, relationships, ending depression, anxiety, pregnancies and more!
  • Businesses
  • and sooooo much more, I’m just getting started!

How one on one manifesting coaching works with me:

Together we will come up with a plan that works for you by identifying what it is that you already know, things you need may need to adjust in your thought process that could be holding you back, and what you can immediately start adjusting within you to manifest your desires.

There is no one way of manifesting that works better then the other.  There is no one teacher, coach or author who has the BEST or ALL the answers.  Just because it worked for “them” and others.  Remember YOU are the God of your universe and only YOU decide if you like those rules or not.  Whatever you believe is true…for you.  This is how you manifest.

Sydney, Australia

Ready to book a session?

  • When you are ready to book a session just make a selection below either a single session or a package of sessions your choice.  I will email you back with confirmation of your appointment time.
  • All sessions are via Skype either face to face or over voice, please let me know your preference when booking.
  • When you book, please let me know what your experience is with manifesting and your knowledge of the law or Neville Goddard’s teachings.
  • To help you get started I am on YouTube with free content for you to begin learning basic information.  You Tube The Rosey Life
  • I do not offer email coaching at this time.
Blue Ridge Mountains, Australia

Packages & Pricing

                       Manifesting Coaching Package

                     5 coaching sessions  $625 (discounted 125/session)

                           Individual Manifesting Session

                          Single 50 Minute $150

Session Packages

Boost Self Love & Confidence Course

My 21-day self guided course guides you through steps to take each day to start living a life of happiness, love, and confidence NOW.  You are the magic key!

Why buy this course? You are not here on accident. Its Time To Take Charge Of Your Happiness Now and Up Your Manifesting Power by KNOWING you are that wonderful! Invest In The “Me” You Want To be!

This course is a great compliment if you are currently working with me to reinforce what you are learning to have a daily practice.  Also, this course is great if you would rather learn at your own pace without needing to make an appointment with me.

Why I Love What I Do

Through my personal and professional journey I have learned that what inspires me the most is helping others feel the empowerment, love and confidence I learned to create from within.  Once you learn this, you will never want to go back!

Meet Rose

Love Coach & Couples Therapist Rose Lawrence in Redondo Beach California