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Change Your Self Concept

This course dives into all the main parts of your life Body, Self Love, Finances, Communication, Relationships & more! Many people desire to manifest changes in their life with the OLD STORY and beliefs still in place. Nail down the unhelpful beliefs you have so you can create the changes in your life for good!

Revision For Manifesting

We can revise old memories, patterns, emotions, behaviors or experiences with Revision. In this course I describe in depth what Revision is, how and when to use it. I give personal and professional examples and success stories.

All About States & How To Master Them

Changing states is the KEY to your manifesting success! For many this can be overwhelming and confusing when learning how to change states, become them, how long to remain in them etc. In this course I explain how to practically apply states.

Pre-Commitment Master Class

BEFORE You Take The Next Step You Want To Complete This Course!

This package is for couples who are ready to take the next step in their relationship.  Perhaps you are in love but have doubts, hesitation, fearful that “they” might change or you don’t know how to be in a healthy relationship that will last.

Are you wanting to move in together? Wanting to get married but not sure yet? Did you just get married and want a couples tool kit?

Get ready to dive in deep into the relationship topics that will help keep you off “couples counseling” later.

Why I Love What I Do

Through my personal and professional journey I have learned that what inspires me the most is helping others feel the empowerment, love and confidence I learned to create from within.  Once you learn this, you will never want to go back!

Meet Dr. Rose

Love Coach & Couples Therapist Rose Lawrence in Redondo Beach California