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From Wanting to Receiving

LOVE, WEALTH, HAPPINESS and more is waiting for YOU to RECEIVE it NOW!

What if I told you most people don’t know how to RECEIVE what they truly want?

I remember having my hand up in school waving it back and forth so the teacher would PICK ME pick me! What I really remember is the feeling of NOT BEING CHOSEN….Ouch.

That feeling sucks…I did not know that I was imagining not being chosen at that time, even though my hand was up wanting to be selected.  Strange what we can do to ourselves to stop our blessings…

I pretty much stayed in that mindset for years after…I’d accomplish one thing and feel yes!  But it was not long before I would want something that seemed was OUT OF MY CONTROL….and in the hands of another for me to have it or not.

So, I got used to settling…not wanting more than I could invest my HARD WORK in to see MY own results.

Screw everyone for not CHOOSING ME I would think….

I’m Going To Show You How To Keep Your Hand Down

I got a chip on my shoulder of “I’ll show them!” and set out to prove my worthiness and the fruit of my labor!  But it still was never enough….I wanted more.

  • I wanted to be loved
  • I wanted to feel happy
  • I wanted to feel secure

But it did not work….until I FIGURED IT OUT!

I sucked at receiving…we can want all day long but if you don’t know HOW to RECEIVE…

So, once I figured out that part of me was missing…I started receiving love, wealth, joy, peace, health…I opened up THE DOOR of ME!


After working with hundreds of clients and teaching them how to do this I created this little course explaining the why’s and the how’s of wanting to receiving…

Here is the DEAL!

A ONE ON ONE recording of me sharing with you From Wanting to Receiving – no more begging, settling, yucky stuff.

You can listen to it ANYTIME it’s only about 40 minutes long

  • You can listen to it RIGHT NOW…all you have to do is listen and relax
  • Listen to it as many times as YOU WANT…each time you will get MORE GOLD from it



You get the transcripts of the recording…some people do better reading with listening at the same time…

Others…like to take notes on the pdf which is super useful.


If you send me a lovely email sharing with me what you noticed ABOUT YOU! I will send you something special right back!


***The Contents of this course does not guarantee results.  Results vary from person to person.   Any course or content produced by The Rosey Life is NOT a replacement for mental health, legal, financial or medical help.  Please contact a professional in your area if that is what you are seeking.*****



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