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I know you want to feel sexy….

I love knowing I can catch the eye of anyone I want to…if I wanted to.

There was a time where I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t like what I saw at all. All I would see were my flaws and what I didn’t have.

So if I got any attention it was AWKWARD and I would run from it…under big baggy clothes or Cheetos.

Sexy and confident is not about getting attention…it’s about how you feel inside about yourself… It’s easy to put on sexy clothes and makeup…but for me…

Whether I wear a dress or I am in a ponytail pushing a grocery cart….I feel sultry…

I giggle because I don’t care if I’m noticed or not…it’s for me because I love how I feel when I walk, sit, talk or giggle it’s all sexy… But I learned this…and so can you.

(Have you noticed – the women men NATURALLY look at (they really can’t help themselves) are women, who OBVIOUSLY FEEL SEXY.

I used to be the woman that walked into a bar or a party feeling sexy…but it only lasted long enough to walk in the door.  Then POOF! Like magic it would disappear!

I still did not feel sexy and confident enough to KNOW my guy’s eyes were on ME…then I’d catch him watching porn instead.

I tried so many things for years to look or feel sexy…

  • Buying sexy clothes
  • Wearing the smokey eye makeup
  • Having the glass of wine to open the eye pupils
  • Posting sexy Instagram pictures

They all had a short shelf life and did not last.  I still felt BASIC.


I wanted to feel like a Sexy Goddess 24/7.  No matter what.  No matter where I was.  No matter who I was around…HIS EYES ARE ON ME because he can’t help himself.


I went from feeling BASIC to SEXY GODDESS 24/7.

Because NOW I KNOW how to dial it up when I want it.  I don’t flirt to TRY.  When I flirt…. It’s Done.

So, after years of TRYING to feel sexy…I realized something.

I KNOW who I AM.


I have worked with hundreds of clients who have asked me to help them feel sexy and confident about themselves (and that was not cheap).

I can see their bodies shift and mouth water when I describe how they can begin to be the woman they desire SEXY & CONFIDENT.

So, I made this little course and it was so pleasurable to make for YOU!  If you want to be the LEADING LADY of YOUR LIFE…this is part of it too.  You need to OWN THIS.

Get ready this is a STEAMY COURSE meant for women.

So ladies….if YOU are READY to dial it up….

IF you want to enter a room feeling like a spotlight is shining on you and you barely even notice it….but secretly enjoy it…

Here is THE DEAL:

You get the ONE ON ONE recording of me – sharing with you – How To FEEL Like A SEXY GODDESS 24/7.

You can listen to it ANYTIME – anywhere. (It’s ONLY forty-five minutes long. No fluff. No filler.)
You can listen to it RIGHT NOW, immediately after paying. (You are going to want to sit back and relax.)

You can listen to it as many times as you would like – because this is just the beginning of a WHOLE NEW life.

Dr. Rose!


***The Contents of this course do not guarantee results.  Results vary from person to person.   Any course or content produced by The Rosey Life is NOT a replacement for mental health, legal, financial or medical help.  Please contact a professional in your area if that is what you are seeking.*****





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