How To Select & Manifest Your Dream Career Lesson 8

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How To Choose Your Dream Career/Business

I WISH I could make good money doing what I love!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a job where you forget what day of the week it is?  Where you no longer are looking at price tags when you buy things!

Instead, maybe this sounds like you…

It’s Sunday ALREADY? Well…I guess there is always Friday to look forward to again.  As you walk away from your house with your sippy cup of coffee.  Dragging your feet to the car, bus, or walk to work.

You probably look like those sad puppies in a commercial staring out a rainy window as you haul off to make the paycheck again.

I used to sit in a chair 6-8 hours a day, then it was time to do the PAPERWORK.  I would sit there and wonder if I got paid yet by the insurance company.  Keeping track of who paid me and who did not, what co-pays I had not collected was like watching paint dry.


  • Dread going to work and leaving my comfy bed
  • Work 40 hours work for a paycheck- only to have it run out FAST
  • Working and living for the weekend (yes like the song)

Let’s face it, I was trading my time for a paycheck.  The time I’d rather be doing something else like watch Netflix or pet my dog.

Until I said ENOUGH.  I wanted DIFFERENT.  I wanted MORE.  But I did not know HOW to even begin.

Here is the thing, where I am at today building my THIRD successful business started with THIS KEY element that most people completely skip over.

Many people want to have a DREAM CAREER or own their DREAM BUSINESS but few know HOW or where to begin.

I NAILED the how and where to begin and I’m really damn good at helping people figure this out fast. (AND people pay me a lot of money to help them do this).


  • I can’t wait to get out of bed and get to work on my next project
  • Work when I want to set my hours, and rarely work 40 hours a week
  • I don’t lose track of time/days because I’m always having fun no matter what I’m doing work or play it all feels the same to me now

THIS by the way…will save YOU MONEY and TIME from taking those career inventory tests and speaking to career coaches that cost THOUSANDS of dollars.

So here is THE DEAL.

You get the ONE ON ONE recording of me – sharing with you – How To Choose Your Dream Career/Business (And How To Begin Manifesting This!)

  • You can listen to it ANYTIME – anywhere. (It’s ONLY forty minutes long.  No fluff.  No filler.)
  • You can listen to it RIGHT NOW, immediately after paying. (Just sit back and relax.)
  • You can listen to it as many times as you would like – because this is just the beginning of a WHOLE NEW career.


(BONUS #1)

You get THE TRANSCRIPTS of the recording.

Easy to read.

Fun to scribble notes on.


If you do feel, “Rose this is rocking my world!!!” – then I have one more SUPER BONUS FOR YOU!

(BONUS #2)

Send me a lovely little email after listening to the recording, let me know your favorite part – and I’ll send you something super special right back!

This is going to be so much fun!

Dr. Rose!


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