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The problem is…you probably aren’t.

I wasn’t.  I almost NEVER came SECOND place, and often felt LAST IN LINE, for what I really wanted.

  • Everybody treated me this way…
  • And I knew…
  • Something was wrong.

Something inside of me – needed to change.

So, I tried what everyone seems to try…

  • Endless affirmations.
  • Self-Love Meditations.
  • And I even went to Tarot Readers – to find out what was WRONG WITH ME?

What I discovered along the way -wasn’t a total waste of time…because it brought me home.

What I discovered along the way – was THE TRUTH ABOUT ME that set me free.

Then one day, I was reading a lecture by a guy named Neville Goddard, and he talked about THE MIRROR METHOD.

And it suddenly hit me….

If I was to be the LEADING LADY of MY LIFE, this was THE FIRST STEP that I needed to NAIL.

So I nailed it.

It took me years to discover this, and me working directly with 89 different clients – one on one (that’s not cheap) to distill down to ONE SIMPLE EXERCISE…that will change your life too – that you can do ANYWHERE.

LOOK IN THE MIRROR makes you RIGHT NOW live as THE LEADING LADY in your life – instantly.

 This tiny little exercise – can be done anytime – anywhere….

But I suggest you take the time to do it every day as you wake up in the morning….

And as you fall asleep at night…

So that YOU keep planting seeds and pulling weeds….

In the GARDEN of your life!

So here is THE DEAL.

 For $20 bucks – you get the ONE ON ONE recording of me – sharing with you – LOOK IN THE MIRROR – Leading Lady #1.

  • You can listen to it ANYTIME – anywhere. (It’s ONLY forty minutes long.  No fluff.  No filler.)
  • You can listen to it RIGHT NOW, immediately after paying. (Just sit back and relax.)
  • You can listen to it as many times as you would like – because this is just the beginning of a WHOLE NEW life.


(BONUS #1)

You get THE TRANSCRIPTS of the recording.

Easy to read.

Fun to scribble notes on.


If you do feel, “Rose this is rocking my world!!!” – then I have one more SUPER BONUS FOR YOU!

Send me a lovely little email after listening to the recording, let me know your favorite part – and I’ll send you something super special right back!

 This is going to be so much fun!

Just click the BUY NOW button below and let’s start your adventure as THE LEADING LADY OF YOUR LIFE – with LOOK IN THE MIRROR today!

Dr. Rose


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