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Well, That Was OVER Before It Started…

I KNEW I would be left again.

I knew they would give that job to someone else.

Why can’t I catch a BREAK!

I spent most of my life feeling this and LIVING being abandoned.  Either physically or emotionally and it is was not pretty.

TRUST ISSUES.  That is a big one that I blamed on all those that left me.  I stopped believing in myself and that I could have anything wonderful happen FOR ME.

I REALLY believed I had a stroke of bad luck…

  • I blamed my family
  • I blamed my ethnicity
  • I blamed my relationships

As soon as something GOOD would happen in my life I began to WAIT for the other shoe to drop…and it always did.  Because I did not know.

I did not know what was happening.  I tried….

  • Therapy
  • Self Help Books To Fix Me
  • Religion
  • Being controlling

Then it happened…Like a ton of bricks I realized what I had been doing my WHOLE LIFE! No one taught me that I did not have to experience being dumped, alone, or not chosen.

When I discovered the power within me to change things and FAST! My life began to change! I became free from all the VICTIM stories and blaming others.  I started LIVING a life I LOVE!

I want you to be free from this VICTIM TRAP of feeling abandoned and broken.  Awaken to being and feeling loved and secure.

So here is THE DEAL.

For $20 bucks – you get the ONE ON ONE recording of me – sharing with you – How To Get Over Fear Of Abandonment & Rejection

  • You can listen to it ANYTIME – anywhere. (It’s ONLY about forty minutes long.  No fluff.  No filler.)
  • You can listen to it RIGHT NOW, immediately after paying. (Just sit back and relax.)
  • You can listen to it as many times as you would like – because this is just the beginning of a WHOLE NEW life.


(BONUS #1)

You get THE TRANSCRIPTS of the recording.

Easy to read.

Fun to scribble notes on.


If you do feel, “Rose this is rocking my world!!!” – then I have one more SUPER BONUS FOR YOU!

Send me a lovely little email after listening to the recording, let me know your favorite part – and I’ll send you something super special right back!

This is going to be so much fun!

Dr. Rose!