Stop Fear Of Abandonment & Rejection

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Well, That Was OVER Before It Started…

I KNEW I would be left again.

I knew they would give that job to someone else.

Why can’t I catch a BREAK!

I spent most of my life feeling this and LIVING being abandoned.  Either physically or emotionally and it is was not pretty.

TRUST ISSUES.  That is a big one that I blamed on all those that left me.  I stopped believing in myself and that I could have anything wonderful happen FOR ME.

I REALLY believed I had a stroke of bad luck…

  • I blamed my family
  • I blamed my ethnicity
  • I blamed my relationships

As soon as something GOOD would happen in my life I began to WAIT for the other shoe to drop…and it always did.  Because I did not know.

I did not know what was happening.  I tried….

  • Therapy
  • Self Help Books To Fix Me
  • Religion
  • Being controlling

Then it happened…Like a ton of bricks I realized what I had been doing my WHOLE LIFE! No one taught me that I did not have to experience being dumped, alone, or not chosen.

When I discovered the power within me to change things and FAST! My life began to change! I became free from all the VICTIM stories and blaming others.  I started LIVING a life I LOVE!

I want you to be free from this VICTIM TRAP of feeling abandoned and broken.  Awaken to being and feeling loved and secure.

So here is THE DEAL.

You get the ONE ON ONE recording of me – sharing with you – How To Get Over Fear Of Abandonment & Rejection

  • You can listen to it ANYTIME – anywhere. (It’s ONLY about forty minutes long.  No fluff.  No filler.)
  • You can listen to it RIGHT NOW, immediately after paying. (Just sit back and relax.)
  • You can listen to it as many times as you would like – because this is just the beginning of a WHOLE NEW life.

Dr. Rose!


***The Contents of this course do not guarantee results.  Results vary from person to person.   Any course or content produced by The Rosey Life is NOT a replacement for mental health, legal, financial or medical help.  Please contact a professional in your area if that is what you are seeking.*****



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