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For Manifesting

Are you tired of trying techniques, listening to coaches, watching videos and reading social media comments TELLING you what to do and you still don’t have results? 

Here is how we do email/video coaching!

  1. After you select one of our 3, 6 or 9 email packages, then we send you a confirmation email with 5 questions to answer.
  2. Once we receive your answers my lead coach and I get together to evaluate your situation and come up with a game plan for you.  In my years as a psychotherapist I learned the high value of working with a team of professionals to come up with the best plan for my clients.  The outcome was seen from different perspectives and always confidential.
  3.  The questions we ask help us get to know YOU and your style.  This is one of my processes of working one on one with me.  I don’t believe in ONE manifesting style for all.  That is not NATURAL!! Knowing YOUR style is key to having it all!  
  4. We will send you a response and a video from me firs time around to get you started!

This is where my background comes in to help my clients see results in their life.  I learn YOU then we make a plan!


Email Packages

    • 3 Emails  – $149

    • 6 Emails – $249

    • 9 Emails – $349

Email Packges

Why I Love What I Do

In search of wanting a wonderful life for myself, I found the key to it all… and now I share this with others to do the same! The key lies within you, and I help you see that your happily ever after begins with the end.

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