Spiritual Therapy

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life? Let's Build Your Happily Ever After!

I have been a licensed therapist for over a decade and provided traditional talk therapy for years until I realized there was SO much more.  I learned how truly powerful we are beyond medication and coping tools to get by or “try”.  Screw “trying” I wanted to see change in myself and my clients fast which is why I love what I do now…sustainable results.

Searching for answers about depression, relationship issues, anxiety or past traumas will leave you feeling frustrated and stuck.  Your beautiful subconscious mind (God) is POWERFUL and is waiting for you.

Human beings are extremely creative in how they react or respond to life.  Emotions can seem like they have a life of their own and leaving you feel like “your out of control” that is until you learn to teach them who is really in control…you.  More importantly the ego that has been trying to play the leading role in your life.  Yes….it’s time she is reminded she is a supporting actress in your movie.

I’ll help you learn how to create alignment within yourself, and learn how to recognize the areas that are holding you back from having the life of your dreams.

You’ll connect with your true desires and figure out what it means to follow your heart with confidence so you can make choices that YOU fall in love with!

Don’t settle….learn to live BOLDLY!

Here are some common issues I help address:

  • Becoming The Leading Lady In Your Real Life Fairy Tale!
  • Allowing Your Prince Charming To Come To You!
  • Release Controlling, Anger, Agitation and Anxiety
  • Regain Passion And Zest For Life!
  • Careers/Business (How To Build A Business And Thrive!)
  • Love and Adore ALL Of Yourself
  • Get Rid Of Old Beliefs, Blocks and Behaviors That Are Stopping You
  • How To Have Wonderful Healthy Relationships Personal/Professional
  • Ignite Your Feeling Of Desirable, Sexy and Confident
  • Release The Past And Embrace The New (Memories, Traumas, Heartbreaks)

If you keep looking for limitations such as age, gender, finances, geographic locations, culture, religion, race etc. You will keep experiencing a limited life.  Aren’t you ready to have the adventure of a lifetime you were meant to have now?!!

Success Stories!

Now it’s like the spark is back in our lives and we’re spending much more quality time together. Rose made us feel very comfortable and quickly got to the point, no runaround to eat up the time and waste money. She sincerely wanted to help us. Like I said, being a guy the thought of seeking help was never appealing but 10/10 has changed my thoughts about seeking help. – C.C.

My life has changed for the better after meeting her and I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful she is.  She’s kind, funny, non judgmental, helpful, understanding, and there for you whenever you need her.  I’ve met with Rose in person, on the phone, in desperate times, and through tele-therapy.  I now lead a much healthier and happier life.  Take the first steps in changing your life and meet with Rose.  You will be glad you did 🙂  – J.C.

Going to see Rose was the best decision I ever made. I was going through a huge transition and having the worst year of my life. Rose helped me through it and there are really no words to express how grateful I am to her. She is kind, compassionate, and easy to talk to. She asks all the right questions. I honestly can’t recommend her enough!  M.C.

The girl that called Rose for the first time was insecure, beaten down, had no confidence, and blamed herself for everything. The girl that walked out just months later had a clear vision, was uplifted and inspired in every way she had hoped to be.   I believe Rose is the reason that I have become the upbeat, positive person that I am today. She helped me become exactly what I aspired to be, but couldn’t find the path to reach. A rose by any other name would NOT be as sweet as this Rose! – A.S.

Packages & Pricing

How It Works

  • Once you select and purchase your session option, you schedule our first meeting online together 60 minutes. (I email you my international calendar that converts into both our time zones for convenience).

I’m Ready: 5 One-On-One sessions to get you on track toward the life you deserve.

Investment: $1125 (for five sessions @$225/session)

Individual Sessions

Single 60 Minute sessions: $250

Custom Couples Sessions

(Please Contact Me Before Booking First Session For Couples Only)

Single Sessions Only: $300

Session Packages
Custom Couples

Why I Love What I Do

In search of wanting a wonderful life for myself, I found the key to it all..and now I share this with others with to do the same! It’s not that you are broken, it’s that you just need to come home to yourself.

Meet Dr. Rose