Wake The Hell Up Sleeping Beauty

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The Life Of Your Dreams... Yes It Is Possible!

Get ready to transform your life with this psychotherapist turned coach…learn the steps I have walked thousands of clients through to achieve the life they love waking up to each day!

Tired of feeling rejected or not knowing how to be seen, heard and valued? 

Deep down you know you are meant for so much more…. whether it is in your career, starting a business or meeting the love of your life.

Trying to make lasting changes from a self-help book or occasional coaching sessions will leave you feeling frustrated and not getting the results you want.  That is why this is a 6 month course, so you can practice applying it at a paced out sustainable yet doable way in your life.  You won’t be doing this alone anymore, you will have my full support and I WILL hold you accountable so you get the results YOU want.

Deep Down Inside You Know You Are Meant For Greatness But…

Maybe you can’t figure out what keeps holding you back from having it all.  All the self-help books and courses keep repeating the same information yet you can’t seem to “get it” to see lasting results.

You get a step or two ahead then you feel like you take three steps back over and over.


The days turn into months and then years with little to no changes you really want.

You want to love your life, feel fulfilled, laugh and be that child like version of yourself you used to know…free and joyful!


You hear and read about how you deserve to have it all yet, why do others seem to be living the life YOU dream 

Ready For Absolute Confidence In Your Life?

  • In this program you get to have someone in your life for 6 months guiding you and sharing tools to apply in your life right now.  The accountability and support is built into this program in multiple ways so you are not sneaking off hiding from yourself any longer. 

What is included with this 6-month transformative program:

1)    We start off learning how to take the focus from “out there” to where you power truly lies and that is within. 

2)    We look at what thoughts, behaviors and beliefs are holding you back and learn how to stop fighting them because this is not a war…you always win.

3)    You learn how to identify what you truly desire, and begin aligning with your truest form of self.  

4)    Learn how to truly accept who you are right now, love the person you are so the world reflect this gift back to you…roll out the red carpet!

When you enroll you will receive:

  •         6 Modules with 24 weekly lessons which include videos and assignments for you to practice applying what you learn each week

In addition as added bonuses this program includes:

  •         6 Monthly live group coaching calls with Dr. Rose 
  •         6 Monthly 60 min 1 on 1 calls with Dr. Rose 
  • Lessons from The Original Program Self Concept Make Over Course $997 Value
  •      8 bonus courses not available to the public for purchase any longer $450 Value


Rose - The Fairy Tale Doctor

STILL Skeptical that this is yet ANOTHER self help or manifesting course? 

Self-help courses teach you how to “cope” with what is….or to be responsible.  Leaving you feel like a victim.  

Most coaches teach you to go DO something to feel better about yourself by changing the outside…

THAT does not work.

The only guaranteed change there is comes from within.  Learn to master your reactions, feelings and directing your mind gives you lasting results without anything in your life on the outside changing

The Total Value Of The Wake The Hell Up Sleeping Beauty Is Well Over $22,000

“You did something so incredible for me! I have not even thought about anxiety at all since our session and I just have been feeling a deep sense of self trust ever since.  I love you so much I don’t know how you do this, empower people within minutes”

– Julie A.

“Doctor Rose, you are a phenomenal awesome inspiration, I learned more from a half an hour listening to you than years of therapy! You are the #1 best!”  -Diane W.

You know you want to uplevel your life…why does it seem so scary and impossible? 

Instead, you are ready for…

Confidence, be the one living a carefree life knowing that it’s all working out for you…and all you had to do was be yourself. 

That even in what you have been saying is “not good enough” you found your power in that too.

You know that people love you EXACTLY how you are no matter what and they love being with you.

Isn’t it time to stop struggling, watching videos, reading books with endless information yet your life is still the same? 

THIS is your sign to WAKE up into the life that is waiting for you.   

You just have to learn to get out of your own way.  WIN this game of life because it is rigged in your favor!


Why I Love What I Do

In search of wanting a wonderful life for myself, I found the key to it all… and now I share this with others to do the same! What you truly desire is waiting for you to stop running from it.

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