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``Happily Ever After Begins With You``

Sure as the changing seasons, we can get off our path of bliss and forget who we really are….and find ourselves feeling stuck, repeating old behaviors, getting the same results and wishing there was a better way.  

You might have never been taught how powerful or valuable you really are beyond your “efforts and hard work” to show for it.  The key to happiness and prosperity can only be found in one sustainable place.

Hint:  The most important relationship with yourself.

Some approaches you may have sought out to help you “feel” better will only have you digging through the boxes of your past to try and fix things or help you “cope” with what seems impossible or permanent.  

I’m not putting you in a box.  There is nothing impossible when you remember who you truly are and that is a divine being.  We can get trapped in a vortex of dissatisfaction and seek out ways to “feel” better for now, but only learn these methods or tools will not last.  It is not long before you will look for the next technique, person, tool, or substance to try and feel better about yourself in someway.

I’m helping you take the focus off of anything outside of you and bring it home within you where you one and only true power lies.  Then you can begin manifesting the life and love you desire that will last on your terms.  You are more powerful, confident, loving and more free then you have been allowing yourself to believe! (in all fairness, few learn how to).  So lets get you off the hamster wheel of repeating the same patterns from the past that keep leading you to the unwanted, and put you behind the powerful wheel of taking charge of your life!

I offer a coaching solution that stems from my professional and personal experience that puts you on the fast track to get to the root of the issue and feel better faster.  

Whatever you feel you are struggling with right now in life, we’ll work together to create a custom approach to help you gain clarity and increase confidence. You’ll learn sustainable ways to help yourself, so you can enjoy life now on your own terms without having to continuously seek for answers.  Empowerment is my passion and speciality!

Love Coach & Couples Therapist Rose Lawrence in Redondo Beach California

I offer virtual coaching to help you anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home.

Get empowered and gain the life and love you want today!

How I Help You Feel Better, Faster

Desires & Clarity – When is the last time you considered what you truly desire? I’ll help you take a step back and look at the bigger picture to pinpoint exactly what you want in your life and relationships. Don’t hold back—your happiness depends on it! 

Changing Self-Concept– Your self -concept impacts all areas of your life, including the choices you make and what you are attracting into your life. We’ll work together to fine tune your self-concept so you can leave behind what isn’t serving you so you can experience what love and success look like in your best life.

Application Is Key–  When you work with me, I make sure you understand how to practically apply what you learn in your life now.  Learning is just the beginning, application of what you learn is where change takes place!  .

Boost Self Love & Confidence Course!

My 21-day self guided course guides you through steps to take each day to start living a life of happiness, love, and confidence NOW.  You are the magic key!

Why buy this course? You are not here on accident. Its Time To Take Charge Of Your Happiness Now and Up Your Manifesting Power by KNOWING you are that wonderful! Invest In The “Me” You Want To be!

This course is a great compliment if you are currently working with me to reinforce what you are learning to have a daily practice.  Also, this course is great if you would rather learn at your own pace without needing to make an appointment with me.

Why I Love What I Do

Through my personal and professional journey I have learned that what inspires me the most is helping others feel the empowerment, love and confidence I learned to create from within.  Once you learn this, you will never want to go back!

Meet Rose

Love Coach & Couples Therapist Rose Lawrence in Redondo Beach California