*1 on 1 Manifest Coaching

*Self Concept Make Over

For Manifesting

Are you tired of trying techniques, listening to coaches, watching videos and reading social media comments TELLING you what to do and you still don’t have results?  STOP waisting your time scrolling and waiting.  It is just you against you.  Let’s make it your FOR you and get what you want now.

Here is how I do coaching in 3 different ways!

  1. When you sign up for the 1 on 1 coaching, I will send you a specific link to book your session with me.  My 1 on 1 coaching are 60 minutes long. 
  2. I will listen to your “story” and then listen to what you want and we will quickly figure out a game plan for you.  
  3. Receiving coaching changed my life personally in marvelous ways, I can’t wait to see YOU get the resulst you want too like I have!

As a retired psychotherapist, my training and education comes in so handy to help my clients see results in their life.  I learn YOU then we make a plan!


Coaching Options To Choose From!

    • 1 on 1 manifesting coaching (60 minute session face to face on zoom or we can do a phone call)

Self Concept Makeover Course

After working with thousands of clients in therapy for over a decade through my private psychotherapy practice and in my one personal transformation I created this Self Concept Makeover Course. 
 Using my years of experience as a psychotherapist and teaching at Roosevelt University, I share with you how to  love your life by being the truest form of yourself.  I have personally and professionally proven everything I share with you in this academy…and let me tell you it works!    I built the lessons to keep you engaged and so they keep you accountable not just scrolling and reading (that's so boring!). Plus a check in with me midway I will be able to see how you are doing!

In less then 4 weeks you will know the what, the how and the when for yourself in these 4 areas of your life:

·       What does trusting in yourself even mean? Learn how.

·       Learn to love and accept your body (yes that thing that carries around your head!) so you sink as one with it not against it.

·       Learn how to define Healthy & Beautiful Relationships in all areas of your life in a way that works for YOU.

              ·     Fearless Money Mindset – How to have a relationship                   with money that feels good (regardless of how much                   you have right now.  (I've worked with multi-                                 millionaires and multi-dollarnaires (totally made that                   word up) ...let me say that what you have is not where                 the change happens to have and KEEP wealth).       








In this scheduled automated course, you will receive:

  *   4 module recorded sessions with Dr. Rose that are jammed packed with gems of content and information not given anywhere else. 

* 12 lessons with assignments to APPLY what you are changing and learning each week. These lessons will inspire and propel you to take action now, not just read and listen to.  Each lesson is emailed to you spaced apart to ensure you apply and do the homework in between each lesson to keep you accountable. 

 *   One Email Coaching session with me midway through the course to keep you on track and answer questions.


     These lessons will take you on a deep dive into what is holding you back from having the life you love, teach you how to remove blocks and limiting beliefs.  Changing your self-concept to BEING the person you always knew was alive inside of you. lady of your life, is key to having it all.


Why I Love What I Do

In search of wanting a wonderful life for myself, I found the key to it all… and now I share this with others to do the same! What you truly desire is waiting for you to stop running from it.

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