6 Month Platinum Coaching Program

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July 1st 2024
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Shifting Into A NEW Desired Life Is Waiting For You!

Need a quick answer to a pressing question? Having something you are struggling with and don’t know where to start? Feeling like you are on the fence regarding a big decision? 

Over the next half a year, I AM YOUR person!

This program is all about transcending traditional methods, science-based knowledge, and what you have thought are “facts of life”.  I will be your personal coach and mentor, not only focusing on manifesting a specific desire, but we will go way deeper, reaching beyond your conventional linear mind! Over the span of 6 months, we will become a tight team. I will be available for you to chat with anytime, and we will get to know each other more intimately than in sessions booked here and there.

Metaphysics – “the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.” – Webster Dictionary

THIS – is where we will go, to the depths of the first Cause, I AM.

Deep Down Inside You Know You Are Meant For Greatness...

We can talk about business, personal relationships or any other facet of your life that you need an outside perspective on, highlighting the spiritual and metaphysical way of approaching life. Increasing your awareness is not the same as improving, doing things better or being a better person, it is about seeing that you already ARE greater than what you have been previously looking at.  

Whether you know exactly what you want to work on together, or you want someone to help guide you on your path of discovery, I am here for you. We can even build up your business team with an advanced approach on how self-awareness and the power of visualizing first can enhance your business overall.  

Perhaps you are already surrounded by amazing professionals, but feel it is time to implement a lifestyle that is focused on “living in the end”. Together, we can level-up your business with a multi-disciplinary team viewpoint that includes a deep metaphysical understanding of life.  

It is a relief to know you have someone you can reach quickly and effortlessly, without having to wait 24-48 hours for a response. I want to get to know you on a personal level in order to be able to give you the most incredible transformation into who you truly are. Your best life is just waiting for you to claim it!

**optional****For those of you who have been interested and asking about my coaching program and would like to use your 1 on 1 session time to focus on creating your own coaching business the time is here!  I have added the option to include curriculum from my previous Confident Coach Program I ran last year.  You will receive guidance on how to work with clients, set up your own business, and more.  

This program focuses on YOU, one-on-one with me AND you will be part of a group of others simultaneously going through their own coaching experience.  We meet together monthly to discuss the book we read and at the end, you will meet with everyone in person at the retreat (including me!). 

I envision this is going to be an epic experience! This is the first (and maybe the last) I will host this kind of small program, size so you won't want to miss this!

In this program you get to have someone in your life for 6 months guiding you and sharing tools to apply in your life right now.  The accountability and support is built into this program in multiple ways.

What is included with this 6-month transformative program:

1)    Weekly 1 on 1video calls (weekly calls monthly and a TRL Book Call)

2)    All access to The Rosey Life Course & Community  

3)    Unlimited email correspondence

4)  Access to my first ever **TRL Book Club!  I but your book and we meet 1x month to in my private group (this call is recorded if you can’t make it) 

5) In person *The Rosey Life all day Retreat as the finale to our program! (read below for details!)


*The Rosey Life Retreat is a full-day experience where we will come together with the other members who signed up for the same program, starting on a specific date (to be announced privately for members). We will have an incredible day filled with sharing success stories, laughter, and food. We intend to make deeper and meaningful connections with other like-minded individuals to last a lifetime. Towards the end of our day together, a powerful presentation by Rose will close out our amazing time together.  (June 2024 in Chicago, IL)


**The Book Club – I will be selecting 2 books for our monthly book club meeting which will be held online. Everyone who signs up for this program will be reading the same book (to be announced). Each month, we will come together to discuss what we have discovered to deepen our collaborative understanding. During this time, we will share insights with each other and ask any questions. The intention of Book Club is to go beyond the words written and experience them both personally and collectively.







Rose - The Fairy Tale Doctor


“Rose is an amazing coach and mentor. I stumbled across her YouTube channel at the beginning of the year, and right away resonated with her no-nonsense message and delivery. Rose understands and implements spiritual laws flawlessly herself, and explains complex or esoteric topics in a simple, clear and relatable way. I chose to do a 90 day coaching program with Rose as I wanted to grow in my confidence as the conscious creator of my life. I was a bit nervous about the initial investment, having never done 1:1 coaching of any kind before, but am here to say that it paid back in dividends. Not only is investing in yourself in this way with a world class coach the best investment you can make, but in my experience, I also happened to manifest a new job (among many other things) within the three months we intensively worked together which pays $50k more in annual salary each year. One could say that I 10x-ed my initial investment 🙂 Working with Rose is exciting, fulfilling and intense (in the best way). She brings together beautifully her background as a therapist and her deep spiritual knowledge and connection — which was exactly what I was looking for. She listens deeply, asks all the right questions, and calls you out on your BS. She holds you accountable week-by-week but also warmly inspires and motivates you to do the work. She has helped me to not only step into my power as a conscious creator and manifest really cool things, but perhaps more importantly, has helped me to deepen my connection to my divine self, to trust myself a lot more, and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the boss of my life — not a bystander or victim of it. I would highly recommend for you to work with Rose as well. You will grow in ways you likely cannot her imagine, learn a great deal about yourself, and in the process will also successfully manifest that which you desire. I absolutely love Rose, am so grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to work work her —and will likely do it again!”  -A.S. California


Why I Love What I Do

In search of wanting a wonderful life for myself, I found the key to it all… and now I share this with others to do the same! What you truly desire is waiting for you to stop running from it.

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