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How I Work With My Clients:

There are several ways I work with people, nationally in the USA, internationally as well as virtually and in person. Wherever you are at this moment what I do know is that you reading this is the sign you have been looking for to level up your professional and personal life. 

It does not take me long to see when someone’s true self is not shining through.  Whether that is in your business or relationships, if YOU are not your original and best self it won’t work.  In a society full of insecurity, lack of self esteem, comparison and copy cats…most people don’t even realize they are not being themselves then wonder why they are not seeing results in all areas of their lives.

This leads to frustration, anger, addictions, resentment, comparison, dissatisfaction with self and others, inconsistent results and chasing techniques or throwing money at trying to solve the “problem”. 

Many people try to change themselves, try harder, start then stop again because they can’t figure out what is holding them back from having the career, relationship, or life they dream of. 

Some people would love to feel seen, heard, successful and beautiful when they look in the mirror and just simply can’t get past their inner critic. You don’t need to “try” harder or do more to have what you want.

For sustainable change to happen in our life we must always begin within.  Getting real honest with where you are at is the beginning to massive change.  Once you learn how to change your mindset and create new perspectives, you begin to transform your own life and will continue to expand and become the person you love waking up to each day.

This not only benefits you personally, but your business, partners, family and work life balance becomes enjoyable again.

When I coach my clients I teach them to connect to their higher intelligence to achieve massive changes in their life. Together we uncover what is holding you back, beliefs, past history, or behaviors that get in your way. Learning to not only identify your blind spot is part of it. Knowing what to do next is where the magic begins!  

Yes becoming aware of where you are at is essential, but I do not leave you hanging, I give you tools that work.

Building a life of your dreams from the foundation of knowing who you are, loving who you are, and feeling free to be you is not only priceless but totally doable!


I would love to support you.

Booking One on One

Please email me for your free 30-minute discovery call to see if we will work together well at before booking. (please note this is NOT a coaching session, this is to create a plan on what we will work on together).

Thank you!

How It Works

3 Month Coaching Package

Lets dive into the areas of your life that you have been stuck, stagnant or are ready to level up in:

  • Identifying limiting beliefs that are holding you back and releasing them. Many people want to skip this and this is the very place you wan to face HEAD ON for results.
  • Learn Emotional Mastery – bye bye reacting to others or taking things personal in ways that do not serve you.  Learning to be in charge of your fears, doubts and the monkey mind is where your power lies for your fullest potential
  • Learn to take past “mistakes” and turn them into a tool to level you up
  • Develop clarity on your desires and future and become focused with full confidence it is happening
  • Create actionable steps, what “TO DO” not just sit around and wait. 
  • If you have a business or want to create one and have an idea, I’m your girl! I LOVE business! We will strategize and implement the steps weekly to bring your business in alignment with your truest self for sustainable results AND feel like you are barely working. 
  • Create and maintain healthy & fun relationships in all areas of your life and get rid of old cycles.  The people in your life may change but YOU will always be there.  
  • Discover your TRUE passion in life for personal or professional freedom
  • Learn to think outside of the “box” you have been living in
  • This includes a free 30-minute discovery call to identify the area you would like to work on (this is NOT a coaching session, but more to create a plan of what we will work on together).

3 Month Coaching Package investment $7997

Includes weekly zoom calls

Messaging & 

Homework assigned as needed

VIP 1, 2 or 3 day intensive business consulting & Speaking

  • This container is for those with an existing business or wanting to set up a new business without the additional follow up in my 3 month coaching container.
  • For existing business: Evaluate your systems, employer/employee relationships, management confidence building, employee self evaluation tools, employee satisfaction, revenue, offerings, marketing and branding to align with your actual desired outcome.
  • For new businesses: Set up your business from scratch including online presence, identify and clarify target audience and implement business systems.  
  • This is a customized offering that is tailored to your specific business needs.  We create a plan and execute this together in person or online.  Location to meet is either online, Chicago, IL or I can come to your city.  
  •  Please contact me for more details
Choose your package

Customized Couples Sessions

(Please Contact Me Before Booking First Session For Couples Only)

1 x 60 min Sessions

Why I Love What I Do

In search of wanting a wonderful life for myself, I found the key to it all… and now I share this with others to do the same! The key lies within you, and I help you see that your happily ever after begins with the end.

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