``I Help You Build Your Happily Ever After``

Perhaps you have been there, feeling like nothing is going your way, feeling betrayed, wondering why others don’t get you or see you.  Or maybe you have been beating yourself up for being too demanding when you just want to be loving, then GUILT sets in, you become sad or feel an emptiness inside, or become angry after all of the hurt and struggle you have been through.  

Yet deep down somewhere inside, you know you are loving, lovable, funny and bright.  You try to display this side of yourself yet to no avail others don’t seem to see it either.  Where dreams, imagination and passion thrived at one point are now covered in controlling, anger, anxiousness or sadness.  Maybe you are able to have some success in life with business or relationships but as one area of your life is great the other shoe drops (and it’s not the magic slipper that you were hoping for).  Where dancing and floating through your days once was is now replaced with feeling hopeless, agitated or out of energy.

Yet a little part of you still believes in…..there has to be better?  You desire to be like the leading lady of the best romantic comedy film you have ever seen secretly hoping this is a possibility.

The woman who has it all…the relationship, success, happiness and your castle!  Well I am here to tell you it is all possible and it is NEVER too late.

It’s not that you lost your way, it’s that you just need to come home….to yourself.

The key to love & happiness can only be found in one sustainable place.

Treasure Hint:  This jewel was hidden in plain sight for a reason, so we can come home to who we really are….Love.  Cue the sparkles please!

Some approaches you may tried to help help you “feel” better had you digging through the boxes of your past to try and fix things or find answers to why! However, I go from “why” to “who I want to be NOW” with you…because you were meant for greatness not “coping tools or goals”. 

So let’s get you off the hamster wheel, sweeping the same floors like a Cinderella of your past and  put you in your carriage where you are taking charge of your life!

I offer help or as some have called me their fairy tale Doctor… to build a path with you, and get to the root of the issues holding you back.  There is no better teacher than yourself and I am here to guide you to connect with her.  Within you lies all the answers..and some how… you already know this to be true.

Whatever you feel you are struggling with right now in life, we’ll work together to create a custom approach to help you gain clarity and increase confidence. You’ll learn sustainable ways to help yourself, so you can enjoy life now instead of waiting or continuously seeking for answers.  Self-Empowerment is my speciality!  It is so good and it is SO true!

Love Coach & Couples Therapist Rose Lawrence in Redondo Beach California

I offer virtual spiritual therapy and counseling to help you anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home.

How This Fairy Tale Doctor Helps You!

Let’s Look In The Mirror – I’ll help you take a step back and look at the bigger picture and pinpoint where you are now so we can change that reflection.  Awareness of who you are is paramount! 

Clarity– Your self concept impacts all areas of your life, including the choices you make and what you experience in your life. We’ll work together to fine tune your self concept so you can leave behind what isn’t serving you and begin to step into your magical life you desire.

Action Plan–  When you work with me, I make sure you understand how to practically apply what you learn into your life now.  Learning is just the beginning, application of what you learn is where the magic takes place! You will get actionable steps so you are not just floating around without a roadmap. 

Why I Love What I Do

In search of wanting a wonderful life for myself, I found the key to it all..and now I share this with others with to do the same! It’s not that you are broken, it’s that you just need to come home to yourself.

Meet Dr. Rose