Seeing Through The Illusion

Seeing Through The Illusion By Releasing Judgement

As an accounting professional, I have been trained from my student days to look at life from what we call a ‘logical’ perspective. Over the years, I realised that there is a possibility we may have misunderstood what the words ‘logical’ or ‘practical’ actually imply and ended up equating it with ‘maturity’ or ‘being realistic’. We have equated negative thinking with being logical! However, we need to understand this- the most logical step you can ever take is to listen to your True Self because that will save you a lot of misery and pain that often comes with acting on thoughts that originate from your finite mind. You might create a stable life but not necessarily a happy one with that approach.

Now do I have anything against the mind? No, absolutely not. It helps you to do your taxes, cook food and meet deadlines at work. So clearly the mind has its place in our human journey. The challenge arises when we stick ONLY to our mind while making some of the most crucial decisions of our life, not realising that we in our human form have only limited knowledge basis our senses and memory while the True Self has access to a broader, more un-hindered perspective.

Now you might say, ‘Yeah I’ve heard those lines a million times and it all sounds cliched to me now. Life is real and I need to pay my bills, time is running out and I can’t keep waiting for my SP to show up, I need to settle down.’ I hear you, and you are justified in your standpoint. That is why the belief that we need to ‘ignore reality’ may cause more resistance in our effort to transcend it. You don’t need to ignore your bills or the fact that you are getting older, you just need to make peace with it- you will only feel the need to ‘ignore’ something that you think is real or exists apart from you. That is why regardless of my spiritual knowledge, I do not run away from conversations about the pandemic or pretend it is non-existent, I just choose to remain calm and adopt a positive approach that if we take all necessary precautions and do not panic, we’ll be healthy and safe. I KNOW intrinsically that this is a phase which will eventually pass.

Let me share one of my personal experiences with consciously using the Law. A few days back, I had a deadline at work that needed me to remain awake till 1 in the night and I ended up feeling tired and annoyed. That’s when I told myself- ‘Look, you are completely justified in the way you feel, but here’s the thing- there are many athletes and celebrities that work much harder than you do, the only difference is they do so willingly and not from a place of resentment.’ At that moment, I chose to release the judgement of the situation and just did the best I could as I began to appreciate how this job helped me expand my knowledge base and earn my salary that I am so grateful for. Next my manager called me and said that the client had given us the option to extend the deadline and if I wished I could take it up. Now had I been in the ‘woe is me’ state, I would have told her that I was really tired and would like to exercise the option to take the extension. Instead I told her not to worry and that I will submit it by the same day. My understanding response really touched her, and she decided to leave me a thank you note. Also, the task that I had imagined would take a lot of time became easier as I just operated from an assumption that whatever I was able to do was enough and everything would work out on its own. I didn’t resist or judge anything, even when the numbers were not tallying, or I was getting stuck somewhere. I just kept going and ended up finishing the task much earlier than the expected time.

 The situation was the same both before and after my self-talk, the only difference was with the perception that I chose to view it with. This is a very clear example of how the circumstances in 3D are meaningless in themselves and we give them meaning through our filter of judgementThe less we judge, the more we are likely to see everything in the light of its true nature. It’s like wearing a purple lens and insisting that the world is purple, when in fact we need to take the lens off to see the world for what it is! The biggest irony is that we refer to 3-dimensional time and space as ‘reality’ when it is a mere reflection of the consistent assumptions we have held over a period of time and is completely malleable! Even if you can’t believe the exact opposite of your current assumption, can you at least acknowledge that your current perspective that you hold on to so dearly as hard, cold fact is in fact, just an assumption. It is not solid. You don’t have to do anything aside from just releasing it. There is a difference in saying “My SP is stubborn” and “I seem to have this belief that my SP is stubborn that is, by law, reflecting in my reality.” Doesn’t that put you in a state of instant ease?

 Daring to assume that all things are possible to imagine, put this one reality to the extreme test by assuming you are the person you would like to be. Your reasonable mind and outer senses may deny it; but I promise you: if you will persist, you will receive your assumption. Believe me, you are the same God who created and sustains the universe, but are keyed low; so, you must be persistent if you would bring about a change.”- Neville Goddard

About the Author: R.A.   Is a Chartered Accountant from India.  She began her spiritual journey at the age of 18 through Abraham-Hicks and of late dived into the works of Neville Goddard.  

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