The Person You Would Like To Be

The Person You Would Like To Be

By knowing that your physical experience is always out picturing what you are imagining as true. It wouldn’t be a difficult task to see the fruits of your previous and on-going imaginal activity. Whether your current physical experience is unlovely or pleasant the cause is always what you are imagining right now.

This may be done unknowingly or knowingly, however, I trust you’ll choose to make a change in your life by consciously choosing what you want to experience.

What is it that you want?

We can make manifesting about things and problem-solving but there’s more to it than that.

You get to make this all about YOU. Making it all about YOU invites adventure into your life. Making it about the person you would like to be.

Take a moment and start to define this person, become clear on what it is they do in this world.

Neville tells us that it doesn’t matter if our senses and reason currently deny what we would like to be. We needn’t worry about that, he asks us to take a noble idea of ourselves, one of whom does wonderful things in this world. Wouldn’t you like to think of yourself as a noble being that lives graciously as Neville says?

He goes on to ask what would the FEELING be like if that were true? How would you feel if you were ALREADY that noble being that lives life graciously? How would you see the world? If you’ve made a MOVEMENT in imagination into the person you would like to be, you’d most certainly see this world DIFFERENTLY.

You’d see the world differently because you are looking through the eyes of that person who has a different perspective. In other words, you have moved into a different STATE of being.

The people in your world would see you differently; they would see a CHANGE in you. You can experience your change by seeing the smile on their faces, hearing their congratulations, or feeling their embrace. In this scene bring your ATTENTION to how this makes YOU FEEL.

Speaking of change what would those in your circle say to you or what would they say among themselves? What is your REACTION to what they are saying, for this will evoke a FEELING from your being?

That reaction will come from your state of being – what you are AWARE of BEING. The scene that implies your wish fulfilled need not be an entire dialogue but rather something simple and quick.

I love the words Neville uses, it can be done “in the twinkle of an eye” it really is that fast.

About the author: Cassidy Jacobs

Cassidy is a writer and photographer that has been appeasing his hunger for truth by delving into the works of Neville Goddard. Cassidy has been lead to experience the Law in effect. It is Cassidys’ aim to bring his first hand experience to his readers, enabling them to use the accounts depicted in his writing as a tool aiding in the fulfillment of their desires. 

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