I AM Imagination

 I Am Imagination
By: Carl Marajay

Imagination & Revision, here is my explanation on these two Neville Goddard teachings.

Q: What is Imagination?

A: In my own understanding, Imagination is the way Consciousness is experiencing Itself. You cannot separate the two. Imagination IS Consciousness.

~Let’s have a little experiment…

(1) Close your eyes.

(2) Imagine a white ball

(3) Color the ball in whatever color you want. Let’s say blue.

(4) Start to bounce the ball slowly up and down.

(5) Add a sound effect of a bouncing ball.

(6) Now, every time the ball bounces change its color.

(7) While the ball is bouncing and changing color at the same time with sound effect, make the speed faster and faster.

(8) Finally, make the ball explode in different directions.

~What does this mental exercise prove?

~That you can control your imagination.

~That you can do whatever you want.

~You can use all your human senses.

~That you can navigate a nonphysical world.

~Imagination is limitless.

Imaginal scenes are really the Consciousness’ way to experience anything. Imagination is the mirror of Consciousness to experience different possibilities, known and unknown to man.

Why is this knowing important?  Nothing is really an illusion or a “dead” world. “Illusion” exists and it is real. In fact, everything is reality. Everything is the I AM.

This “physical” world and the imagined world is the same Consciousness experiencing itself, and I can say that this reality we are experiencing right now may be a part of imagination.

Q: If this reality is imagination and imagination can be anything and can do anything, why can we not easily bend reality? Change form instantly or fly?

A: Because we are stuck in this concept of a physical reality and material world.  The physical limitations hinder us from becoming who we really are…a limitless being that can do anything and become anything.

Why? Because Consciousness limits itself to have a temporary physical human experience. An experience with physical limitations.

Read this verse from the Christian Bible…

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” – John 1:14

It means God became man and dwelt upon us….


Consciousness having a temporary human experience in this physical world.

Religion just added salvation and worship to use the word faith and control people. Most of us here if not everyone, knows better. There’s no one to be saved and no one to worship. If I Am is the I Am, then worshipping is nonsense unless you love kissing and loving yourself.  I Am Love.

GOD is Everything and can limit itself at the same time to experience limitation.

YOU are the tree having a Tree experience. You don’t have legs to walk because that’s not a part of your purpose. Each experience of Consciousness has different unique purposes. The Sun has its purpose. The Moon has its purpose. The Ocean has its purpose…but everything is an experience.

~~~Example of an imagined scene…

Imagine you are in a certain place around your house. You start hearing the voice of your love/SP telling you “I love you (your name)…” then reach his/her hand and imagine touching the wedding ring.

This short imagine scene implies that you are in your house and happily married with the love of your life. We are using familiar things like the voice of your SP and an area in your house. The wedding ring is a symbol of marriage so we are using it.

Q: What is happening inside our brain when we are imagining?

A: When we are imagining, our brain starts to search for those “mental images” like an image of a beach for instance. We know what a beach looks like unless you live inside a cave for hundreds of years lol. When we have an image of a beach in our mind, the Nervous System cannot tell if we are really experiencing a real beach or just imagining a beach.

Once you imagined an image or “visual thought”, the Nervous System accepts it as real.

It doesn’t matter if you are imagining a scary scene, your body and your heart will react to it. Same goes with your SP. If you keep on imagining him/her talking to you or kissing you in your mind, Nervous System thinks it is really happening.

There’s no illusion in the Nervous System. Illusion is just the assumption of the mind playing tricks on you.  Again, I AM is reality.

There’s no “I Am Not”.  There is always “I AM”.

Imagine Your Desire Already Fulfilled

Every time you imagine, make sure it is something that is positive and will benefit you in everything in your life.

Imagine that you are already a loving person.

Imagine that you are already a healthy person.

Imagine that you are someone who is always lucky.

Not just in your mind, LIVE that imagined scene in your life as well.

Assume that you are already a loving person.

Assume that you are already a healthy person.

Assume that you are someone who is always lucky.

Q: What is Revision?

A: Revision is revising a “past” event in your life that you want to change into something positive and much better. It is a journey back into the memory lane.

Each memory has an emotion attached to it.

A memory of a break-up will have an emotion of a painful sadness. This emotion can heal through time as the saying goes “Time heals all wounds.” But some people couldn’t able to cope up and became miserable later on in their life. It’s hard to accept something when you’re in pain. Because of what happened to you, you formed an assumption about life and about yourself. That assumption becomes a belief. Example of such assumption is “I guess love is really not for me…” or “I think I don’t deserve to be happy and to be loved…”

To revise a such painful memory, we must return to that event using our mind. Now we cannot change that painful scene because that reality always exists. There is always a version of you and your life that has that break-up.  BUT we can choose another scene and put that in the “past”. Revise that painful moment in your life into a loving goodbye where you already accepted it and forgave yourself.

Revision for me is really choosing another reality and add that reality from the “past” or the concept of time.

If you revise something, you are REMOVING an old scene and the EMOTION attached to that scene.

Revising a painful “past” into a loving “present”.

This is effective because you are REPLACING the events in your life that gave you a painful memory into another event that is the opposite of that painful scene.

If you do this, you are REMOVING the emotion of a painful sadness. Once done, the healing of your heart begins.

When you Revise a scene of a sick person, you are REMOVING the sickness by REPLACING it with a scene of a healthy person.

Revision is really like Imagination because both are using the Mind to navigate different realities and possibilities.

“I Am Imagination”

Carl Marajay

About the Author: Carl is a Student in the Phillipines.  Carl loves to study about the power of the mind, astral realm, near-death experiences, the teachings of Buddhism, Quantum Physics and Neville Goddard.


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