Manifesting Without Effort

In the middle of all of the “new” events happening around the world right now, I see people taking the approach of either trying to keep s

ome sense of normal (homeostasis) or complaining about when will this end so they can get back to a sense of normal. Either one requires “effort”.
In your journey of manifesting,  you may already know or have heard that “effort” is not required for anything. In fact the least amount of effort I put into manifesting the easier things appear in my life fully manifested. But no! we have been conditioned to believe you must TRY, put EFFORT into it, WORK HARD, DO SOMETHING, if it is not working you are DOING something wrong. WOW. This is all part of the human illusion. Which admittedly I fell for for not once, but many many times.
Think about it, if I AM God of my Universe, where does all the trying fit in? Where does all the work hard fit in? Where does the worry fit in? It does not even make sense does it?  Do you think the being that causes you to breath in and out naturally, that is keeping perfect oxygen in the air, that is manifesting each and every object you see, hear, touch and smell is “TRYING”? Nope.  It is more like this….LET THERE BE AND THERE IS.
Yet we continue “trying” this technique or that, listening to this person or that one to “get” our thing. Being, and allowing seems to easy, boring or delusional to the ego so it begins to tantalize you with oooohhh look at them they manifested their thing or person so let me try that way! Ooooooo look why did it work for them and not me? (hint…they are you!). So you are literally watching yourself manifest things for yourself. YEP! I KNOW! Cool right?
I have opened from scratch three businesses on my own, with no one’s opinion, help or “mode” of how they did it. I just said I am doing this. In one YouTube video I made I talk about how I manifested those businesses. I can tell you it was not with FEELING at ALL!. Sometimes I feel things but for most part I don’t.
So I stopped trying “to feel” stuff when it is not naturally how I think or act. I am very matter of fact, focused and straight forward. I just say something and KNOW it is mine. When I have steered off that path of being me is when I have struggled manifesting.
See? Effort is not required. You don’t have to “try” or “force” or “possess” your desires if it does not feel natural to you.
Think about something you have already manifested. You will find that it did not require much effort. So what if you bought that “resistance and blocks” must be over come. The only block is that you think you have limits. Announce I command ALL limitations to leave me NOW!. You have that much power.
For me personally, I am taking this time to go deep within. To focus on my power. To create a new foundation from which I manifest from. You decide, what foundation are you building when the gates of “normalcy” begin to call your attention. Become the unwavering Being-ness that you truly are and be still. Listen. 

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