Why Do We Have Negative Emotions At All?

I have been a psychotherapist for years now and this is something that all my clients come in to see me for. They all have wanted one thing to stop the pain, the misery, the jealousy, the feeling less then etc. Initially, most of them come in blaming a circumstance, a person or a situation in their life for the cause of their pain. When I ask them one simple question…what do you want?

Can I just say the amount of confusion on their precious faces is no longer surprising. Why? Because I know that the world operates off of emotions thinking those are their reality, their proof and their evidence. They believe these emotions are the commander of their well being and evidence of some sort. They have allowed people, feelings, circumstances to dictate their self worth, value as a person or if they are doing something right or wrong.

As I dig deeper with these same clients do you know what they all really really want? It does not matter WHY they come to see me. They all want one thing…to feel happiness. Not one single client has told me other wise. The problem is they like most have been looking for their happiness outside of themselves through people, money, objects or circumstances to change. Even thought we “hear” about you can only find happiness within blah blah we continue moving through life as if it is not within. The search continues in the external. Beauty, relationships, wealth, health and more.

The true meaning of finding happiness within is not in a beauty treatment, a relationship or otherwise. When you truly find it you will know. It is deep within and you cannot even explain it, quite honestly nor do you even try to. You become too busy basking in the warm glow of love, confidence and bliss within you. Waking up feeling good is a real thing now! You rarely see problems, negativity, instead you see love and possibilities everywhere you look. The defensiveness is no longer needed on any level because you know that was the way you used to think and feel.

Happiness can only be found in one place. In the essence and reality of who you really are. I AM Love.

Here in your I AM lies the waterfall of joy, love and abundance that never ever stops flowing.

Why do we have negative emotions? They tell us we stopped looking at our beautiful waterfall of abundance. We stepped away from love, joy, peace, healthy, wealth by falling for the illusion of the 3D. It’s ok, thank the negative emotions for sending you their “text message” saying hey! you are looking in the wrong direction! COME BACK! We are waiting for you!! XOXO


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